How To Use The Yoga App On The Apple Watch To Track Your Practice

You can now keep track of almost any kind of activity on the Apple Watch series. The latest update on the Apple Watch 4 series is the option to track the Yoga session, within the native recording application. However, yoga is a bit tricky one in the slot, as the tracking of this exercise form will be different than the other traditional workouts.

So, how to track the yoga workout on the Apple Watch? How well does the watch help you with this?

Track Your Yoga Session on the New Apple Watch Series

The Apple Watch works in the same way for the Yoga just like for any other workout type be it HIIT workout or the outdoor cycling. Before we get started, make sure you select the type of the workout – tap on the ‘start yoga workout’ on Apple’s fitness watch and the countdown starts from 3.

Yoga Session in Apple Watch

While using the watch, I realized that all the information related to the Yoga session tracking comes only after I end the session. The watch is capable of tracking the heartbeat rates in one minute. It also shows the average time taken for the workout and calculates an approx. value of the calories burnt during the workout.

Active Calories shows you the number of calories burnt during the workout. Whereas, the total calories include both the active calories as well as resting calories (calories that could have burned anyway, by doing nothing). 

While you are working out, you can swipe right and find the option of ending the tracking. This will stop the tracking function for the workout.

How’s the result shown?

If you carried out a half-an-hour yoga, the watch will first display the duration of the exercise. Then, it will display the Active Calories count followed by the Total Calories. It will also display the BPM, with an average score of 110.

Although, the main concept of doing yoga is to disconnect with the outside world and elements – just to connect to oneself. In that context, a true yoga follower may not find a wearable thing much interesting. That’s just a thought! What do you think about it?

Adamastor, the latest light-weighted Car from Portugal making Histories!

Starting off with the origin and some car introduction…

Adamastor is a Portuguese brand that develops cars where the clients can contribute in the making if they have any customized design or feature on the car. This brand is for the bold and the old school riders, who want to unleash their hidden pilot skills and display them on the tracks.

Their aim is not to provide with a sports car, but to bring both the rider and the vehicle closer like never happened before.

Adamastor Car

Adamastor, Portugal’s new Discovery on the Stroll!

Though Portugal is a new name in the field of racing, Adamastor has been working on the project for the past 6 years. 2017 was the year of production, and now they are all set with the car and it’s currently on sale! I am talking about the Adamastor P003RL model, which is a sports car – a Portuguese car born for the tracks.

This model name P003RL is derived from the fact that the car belongs to the third generation prototype that qualifies to be road legal (RL). Only a limited number of models have been released, and they can be bought from the Adamastor facilities, located in the North of Portugal. But they can be taken around in any destination.

For buying this model, you need to first register and make an appointment for the track day. On this day, you will be given hands-on experience on the car for making you understand the driving skills you need. This will help you with getting a closer idea on how it will feel on riding the car by yourself.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush

This is the unique gift to what we call ‘genuine driving’, where the driver holds the controlling part instead of the car. It builds up the adrenaline in you by incorporating all the professional car features like suspension, chassis, and the brakes. Here the chassis is rigid in quality and comes with a high cornering ability on it.

Coming to the Interiors

Not all the cars focus on the interior section, but Adamastor makes it a point to combine both functionality and the comfort for the riders. The super comfy interiors go well with the demands of the track, and also gives all the pleasures of being a rider of an amazing sports car.

Also, the customers could customize the interiors as per their choice and give it a reflection of their dreams.

This is by far the only road-legal track car which is using Ford Engines.

That’s all for today, we will meet you soon with another news update on

TechUpdates: Apple News will have a 2018 Mid-Term Elections Section in it!

The new way of fighting all the fake news which spreads through social media these days. It is the update which the Apple developers have added on the Apple News application, on the option ‘2018 Mid-Term Elections’ where all the election-related news is posted for all the users.

With this new addition, you could easily get access to true information and keep all the rumors away from you. Currently, this feature is live in the U.S, and it will be present till the end of November when the election ends. The feature was launched and announced on 25th of June, 2018.

Apple News will have a 2018 Mid-Term Elections Section

People crave for information these days, and when it comes to elections and politics you have to know the correct news, isn’t it?

apple news elections 2018

This is why Apple has now launched a new feature inside the Apple News which is called the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.

The editor-in-chief of Apple News, Lauren Kern adds that it is made for the sole reason of bringing right information to the users, which will in turn help people in electing the right candidate for the election.

Kern also adds that, with this newly added feature, the users will receive news from all the trusted and verified sources. This will keep all the false election news out, so that you could understand the candidate more closely and definitely get all the true details.

All the detailed information & analysis made on the trusted websites are checked by the Apple News Editor Team, and then the approved ones go into this new section.

In this 2018 Mid-Term Elections section, you already had the tabs like the ‘For You’, ‘Spotlight’, and ‘Top Stories’. Along with this, two more options are going to be added which are named as the ‘The Conversation’ and ‘On The Ground’.

In the ‘Conversation’ tab, as the name goes you will come across different columnist articles sharing their viewpoints regarding a news. In this section, you will read articles from all the subscribed writers, as well as other suggested people too.

The ‘On The Ground’ tab will cover all the news and updates which are concerned with the local constituents and the city. This simply means that this section of the app will be dealing with all the city news updates, so you don’t have to go around searching the whole app for getting news of your locality. 

This way, all the things are made easy and clearer with the new update.

Go check on the app, and get the benefits today itself!