How To Use The Yoga App On The Apple Watch To Track Your Practice

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You can now keep track of almost any kind of activity on the Apple Watch series. The latest update on the Apple Watch 4 series is the option to track the Yoga session, within the native recording application. However, yoga is a bit tricky one in the slot, as the tracking of this exercise form will be different than the other traditional workouts.

So, how to track the yoga workout on the Apple Watch? How well does the watch help you with this?

Track Your Yoga Session on the New Apple Watch Series

The Apple Watch works in the same way for the Yoga just like for any other workout type be it HIIT workout or the outdoor cycling. Before we get started, make sure you select the type of the workout – tap on the ‘start yoga workout’ on Apple’s fitness watch and the countdown starts from 3.

Yoga Session in Apple Watch

While using the watch, I realized that all the information related to the Yoga session tracking comes only after I end the session. The watch is capable of tracking the heartbeat rates in one minute. It also shows the average time taken for the workout and calculates an approx. value of the calories burnt during the workout.

Active Calories shows you the number of calories burnt during the workout. Whereas, the total calories include both the active calories as well as resting calories (calories that could have burned anyway, by doing nothing). 

While you are working out, you can swipe right and find the option of ending the tracking. This will stop the tracking function for the workout.

How’s the result shown?

If you carried out a half-an-hour yoga, the watch will first display the duration of the exercise. Then, it will display the Active Calories count followed by the Total Calories. It will also display the BPM, with an average score of 110.

Although, the main concept of doing yoga is to disconnect with the outside world and elements – just to connect to oneself. In that context, a true yoga follower may not find a wearable thing much interesting. That’s just a thought! What do you think about it?

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